LAHOJA Launch Dinner & Party
November 11/2017


—  About us —


La Hoja is a unique catering & events company, built by a fine dining chef and cannabis experts who, together, combine decades of experience. Each dish we serve is a result of hundreds of hours of work, creating, researching and fine-tuning recipes with the ideal THC or CBD dosages. The outcome is exquisite, high quality dishes that are properly medicated and help to eliminate the “stoner” stigma from edible cannabis. Our connection to the world around us is an important part of who we are. La Hoja is dedicated to creating as minimal a footprint on our planet as possible. So, all ingredients we use- from cabbage, to cannabis- are locally sourced from sustainable farms and purveyors.


La Hoja was born in Los Angeles, and the city is ingrained in our culture. Founded by first and second generation Americans, our food is a reflection of that. Like the city itself, our food is inspired by the Latin cultures around us. We draw influence from Mexican, Peruvian, Caribbean, Honduran, Guatemalan, and other South American cultures. We put these influences through our spectrum along with responsibly farmed cannabis and beautiful California produce to create La Hoja's signature dishes. The end results are delicious, restaurant quality meals that are properly medicated.


contact us  info@lahoja.com